The Curriculum is planned in a 2 year rolling programme. We are constantly aiming to improve our curriculum to keep it broad, challenging and interesting to the children.

A new National Curriculum was implemented in September 2014; we are continuing to develop existing units of work and new ones to meet this new challenge.

We emphasise the links across the curriculum in all subjects.  We teach French from entry to Nursery-teaching  written, spoken and the reading of French as well as cultural understanding.

Our International School Award is very important also, and we devote time to helping children understand Global Issues, their place in the world and the wide variety of faiths, beliefs and cultures in the world. This will help them to develop respect for a range of beliefs and traditions, and support the idea of respect for others, acceptance of others' views, but challenging those views that do not promote freedom and equality.

Further information upon request from each class teacher or by emailing the school on

Reading and Phonics schemes  At KS1, we use a variety of schemes and approaches. The phonics scheme is called Letters and Sounds. 

Reading Schemes include Dandelion launchers, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Storyworld, Big Cats and Rigby Star amongst others. We believe these give children a breath of reading experience which is vital in developing reading skills. All texts in the early stages of reading are phonetically decode-able.

If you would like more detailed information , please see your child's class teacher.