When Mrs Eadie joined the school you asked for more PE activities and, then later in the whole school questionnaire, for more competitive PE events.

We now offer a huge range of PE activities – as detailed by the PE Review completed by Mrs Blackmore in July 2019 (on our website).  Activities include wider curriculum PE (such as tennis at Tarka Tennis, Rugby Tots tuition, trampolining at Air Extreme, plus numerous after school sports clubs through the year: table tennis, football, multi skills, netball). The KS2 sports day has competitive sporting events in the morning.  The children also regularly participate in competitive sports against other schools through our partnership with Great Torrington School.

When Mrs Eadie joined the school you asked for more after school clubs.

We now offer at least 5 clubs a week for pupils to attend.  The clubs change each term and offer a variety of options from cooking, sport, drama, art and music.

When asked about how we communicate with you, you said you would like to continue to receive paper copies of the newsletter.  You also said the text service was very useful. 

We send out one paper copy of the newsletter to every family, every Friday.  In addition, we post the newsletter on the website, on the noticeboard outside the school and email it to families. We have extended our text messaging service and regularly send out reminders via this system. The school has also set up a Facebook and Instgram account to widen our communication.

When asked if you were happy with the payment system at school you overwhelmingly asked for an electronic system.

The school now runs a cash-less system and ParentPay is set up to pay for dinners and trips.

When asked if you would like parent/carer workshops on specific areas such as mental health, reading, maths, etc, you said yes please.

We now have some workshops scheduled in this year!

You said on wet days the side gate is not always opened on time.

We now make sure the gate is opened promptly at 8.50 am or before.

You said you would like more notice of whole school events, so you could arrange to attend.

We try and plan ahead, where possible and put the important dates in the newsletter at the beginning of each term.