"Enabling children to be the best that they can be"


The years in a primary school are vital in a child’s life. At Horwood and Newton Tracey Primary School all of the staff are committed to helping your child achieve the best, to learn to care for others, to take chances and enjoy school.  We understand you are making an important decision for your child’s future. You want the best for your child and will have many questions. I hope our website starts to answer some of these and give a flavour of our school.


We have developed our positive learning behaviours based around animals and good behaviour is rewarded for: being ready to learn (elephant), good listening (bat), making links (spider), being resilient (ant), working as a team (bee), having empthany (monkey), taking risks (meerkat), being curious (cat), being creative (unicorn) and being independent (tiger).


We would be pleased to welcome you to our school for a visit, which is the best way to learn about us.  Please contact Administrator, Carla Humphries to arrange a time.

Horwood and Newton Tracey Community Primary School is a successful school which achieves and maintains high standards for all of its pupils, in all areas.  In 2011, we were classified as Outstanding by OFSTED. 

The school has a Foundation Stage class for Nursery and Reception aged pupils and 3 other classes. It was first built in 1876, but there has been a school in Lovacott for more than 200 years.  After various remodelling, it now has first class accommodation for staff and pupils, with 3 main classrooms and Foundation Stage class, Computers in every class, a Library, a Meeting Room, a quiet "Thinking Room" for interventions and space for children to have a reflective quiet time, new play areas, Staffroom, Reception and Office. We also have access to the Parish Field for sports, a woodland area next to the field, our own allotment, which is central to the life of the school and the village hall for PE, performances etc. 


We value the close working relationships we have with our local community.


We are a small rural primary school in North Devon, situated about 3 miles from Barnstaple, and 6 miles from Great Torrington. We are in the village of Lovacott, between the two other villages of Newton Tracey and Horwood.


We have a Foundation Stage class (Class 1) which is taught by Mrs Radley, with Mrs Blunt and Mrs Dixon in the Nursery. At present this is running a morning session each day, with a maximum of 14 per session.

  • The Reception children all start in September and are full time, with 14 in the class.
  • Class 2 is a Year 1 and 2 class taught by Miss Higgins with between 22 and 28 children.
  • Class 3 is a Year 3 and 4 class and is taught by Mrs Hopkins (Monday to Thursday lunchtime) and Mrs Wallace (Thu PM and Friday) with 22-28 children.
  • Class 4 is a Yr 5 and 6 class and is taught by Miss Wooddisse (Monday to Thursday lunchtime) and Mrs Carter (Thur PM and Friday). It normally has between 22 and 28 children.

We also have 6 Classroom Assistants who work very skillfully with teachers to support the education of all children in the school.



As you can see from our aims and ethos we believe in children being at the centre of all that we do. Children are encouraged to achieve their best, to support each other and to work together.

 Golden Rules 

  1. We look after each other.
  2. We are kind.
  3. We behave well so teachers can teach and children can learn.
  4. We look after our things
  5. We never give up.

Each class teacher will choose a child from their class to join Mrs Eadie on Friday afternoons for Tea at 3 if they've been following the golden rules carefully. 

Tea @ 3 with Mrs Eadie: