Thank you to everyone who completed the Family Questionnaire earlier this year.  I am pleased to let you know the results which have been collated and are below.  Our response to all your comments are included in the document below.  Further actions to address the issues raised will be reported, as they are implemented, in the newsletter. Thank you everyone who responded to our questions - your views are very important to us and will help us plan this year.


Please remember that we welcome your comments, views, suggestions and thanks all year round - you do not have to wait until the annual survey to get in touch.


2022 Family Survey results and school response


Every year we listen to parents/carers and enrich our school curriculum further. I am delighted with the wider curriculum the pupils have enjoyed during 2021/22 and have included a breakdown of all the events we have provided:


2021 2022 HNTPS Celebration of our Year