A special feature of our school are our weekly "Family Groups".  Children and staff meet in groups which are organised across the whole school (from YR to Y6) so that they can meet and discuss whole-school topics, PHSEE (personal, health, social and economic education) issues, take part in fundraising events and sports day. The older children mentor and care for the younger children and the younger children have the older children to "look up to".

The four family groups  (named after our local North Devon rivers) are: Dart (red) run by MIss Wooddisse, Taw (green) run by Mrs Radley, Yeo (blue) run by Mrs Simpson and Torridge (yellow) run by Mrs Wallace and Mrs Hopkins.

Each child's individual team points contribute to the Family Group totals and the Family Group cup is awarded in assembly on Fridays..

Our School Council representatives are also appointed from each Family Group and listen to what the pupils discuss and would like to see changed at the school. This is fed back during the School Council meetings and actioned by the school.

The older children often read with the younger children in family groups:


Our Family Group Award Trophy:


We are going to work together on the Citizenship Awards this term in Family Groups:

Citizenship Grids 2019

Our Family Group Christmas Sing off judged by "Yazzy". Well done Dart for winning:

Our Spring 1 Family Group Art Challenge was won by Yeo Family Group with their Van Gogh Sunflowers:

Our Easter Bake off April 2022:

Easter bake off pics 22