Spring Term

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This half-term our topic focus is “Down on the Farm”.  We will learn how farms can be similar or different and how farm animals and crops need to be looked after so that they grow well.

Sue Radley Nursery Teacher, Sarah Blunt and Claire Dixon Nursery Practitioners


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Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Circle time: activities will support the children with learning how to express their emotions, share their opinions and consider how others maybe feeling.
Cooperative games: the nursery children will be supported to play simple cooperative games, where they will begin to understand the need to follow rules.

Communication & Language
Topic activities this term these will develop the children’s vocabulary as they name and describe what they see from hearing stories, poems or music and participating in activities, visits or investigations. They will be encouraged to say and use words and develop their knowledge and understanding from direct experiences.
“Show and Tell” sessions will encourage the children to share their ideas using items or information from home, linked to the weekly farming theme.

Forest School – weekly sessions on Wednesday morning will be led by Mrs Blunt, who is a trained Early Years and Forest School practitioner. These sessions are vital for developing and refining the children’s large and fine motor movements, and crucial for the development of the neural system. The children need to wear the correct clothing to keep dry and warm, and this will be sent home after every session for cleaning.

P.E. - sessions will be led by staff in the village hall and this term the children will have the opportunity to use the gym equipment to explore how to climb, balance and move in different ways.

A variety of play activities both adult-led and for free play will be planned for the nursery children this half term linked to the Reception weekly focus. These activities will give them opportunities to develop crucial skills required for counting such as sorting, matching and comparing.

Letters and Sounds Phase 1: the nursery children have sessions which focus on the different aspects of Phase 1: rhythm and rhyme, environmental, voice and instrumental sounds, alliteration, oral blending and segmenting. In sessions they learn how to listen, discriminate and copy sounds and patterns, and to segment words into individual sounds or blends sounds together to make whole words. Activities include games, songs, instruments, the use of I.T. with CD players, tablets and IWB.

Reading : A love of books and reading is encouraged in nursery by reading and sharing stories with the children, having a weekly library choosing session and termly visits from a storyteller.

Writing: in our play provision the children have access to a variety of mark making equipment and experiences planned by the Early Years Team. Our writing area will have resources linked to our farm topic focus to encourage children to make marks and understand the purpose of writing as a way of communicating through lists, cards, labels, letters, etc.

Knowledge & Understanding of the world
This half-term our topic focus is “Down on the Farm”. We will learn how farms can be similar or different and how farm animals and crops need to be looked after so that they grow well.

Walks & Visits: We will be going on walks around the village to explore the rural landscape, and we will visit two local small holdings and Farmer Ford’s farm.

Investigations: We will find out how farms have changed looking at artefacts, video clips and interviewing Farmer Ford. We will also investigate how to dye fleece, how to weave, make butter and what happens to eggs when they are heated or whisked.

I.T. : our topic work will be supported by the use of lap tops and tablets and the IWB for on-line activities and video clips.

Expressive Arts & Design
Sketching: this term we will encourage the nursery children to draw using a variety of equipment to show the landscape around the school and the village.
Model making: we will create our own hobby horses from milk bottles and wooden poles.

Role Play : This half term we will be supporting imaginative play with our small world farm toys and role play area creating a farmhouse kitchen and farm shop.
Music: we will be learning songs and rhymes connected to farms and farm animals, using percussion instruments to accompany them.