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HNTPS Curriculum Progression 2021:

HNTPS History Curriculum progression 2021


Bringing history alive through our termly visits from Steve Manning (storyteller):


Pupils' views March 2022:

On Monday, we were very lucky to have Steve Manning as our guest to tell us stories.  Here are some of the stories he told us: the story about the turtle; the story about the egg; the story about the lotus flower; the story about the Dartmoor beast and the story about the King Cobra.  He made good links with some of our topics too: PHSE, Science and RE.  He didn’t just tell us stories, he told us facts.  Here are some facts he told us:

Back along, in some countries, women used to be in charge so we wondered why it changed to men ruling the world

He also said back along there was no democracy.

A big thank you to Steve.  We are very lucky to know Steve and have him come to our school every now and again.  He is a great inspiration to all of the children at HNTPS.  He is a great storyteller and all the children love his stories.  We can’t wait to have him back.    Thank you very much Steve!

Caydence and Florrie, Class 4


Our whole school trip to Torrington walking the battle route and looking at the main sites (March 2022):

Class 2 doing cross curricular writing with a history focus:



Bailey (Y6) write up of the visit: