Mental Health at HNTPS

At HNTPS, the mental health and wellbeing of our children and staff is not extra-curricular; it is an intrinsic part of our everyday practice.

Personal, Social and Health and Economic Education (PHSEE) is wound tightly into our broader curriculum, as well as being taught discretely in assemblies, Family Groups and daily ‘Mirror Time’, which is a reflective practice that takes place in every class at the same time each day.

Each classroom displays a mental health board, which gives information about how and where to ask for help with mental health issues.

The ’10 a day’ choices towards balancing mental health are displayed in many places around the school, including staff areas(See link below )These choices are recommended to us all to ensure that we maintain a sense of balance and calm in our lives, even on the most difficult days.

The school’s Mental Health Strategy shows current and future priorities for developing awareness of mental health and wellbeing as a focus for all members of the HNTPS community. I am the school’s Mental Health Champion and I am responsible for the monitoring and development of the strategy.

Esther Wooddisse

We regularly listen to our pupils and in March 2022 undertook a whole school pupil survey.  We analysed these results and held our termly pupil conferencing session to go through the children's individual responses.  In addition, we held an additional session talking to the pupils about their learning and setting targets. This information has been shared with parents/carers and Governors and a summary is shown below:

Pupil Survey results May 2022


Our Mental Health Strategy 2021/22:

Mental Health Strategy 2021 22