Summer Term

In Class 4....

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Class 4 Rolling Programme 2020

Mrs Eadie (Monday to Thursday AM) and Miss Wooddisse (Monday to Thursday PM and all day Friday).  Ms Clark and Mrs Manning (support staff).



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Happy Christmas from Class 4


This term our main topic is Ancient Greek Civilisation

The daily maths teaching will include arithmetic and reasoning following the White Rose Maths scheme of work.  Spelling and grammar teaching will follow the Babcock teaching sequences following the "No Nonsense Grammar and Spelling programmes".

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In Science, this term the class are learning about electricity. We will be revising how to create a simple circuit and extending our learning to investigate ways in which we can use motors, buzzers, bulbs and switches to create an effective bird deterrent. 

Light. We will be investigating how light travels.

Our art work this term is studying  the work of David Hockney and creating our own landscapes in his style.



PE - volleyball and athletics, Outdoor Adventurous Activities and rounders.

RE - Our areas of study will be ‘How does faith help, when life gets hard?’ and ‘Why do Hindus want to be good?’



Geography - Mountains are our geographical focus, this term. We will be learning how fold mountains are created and will be investigating the mysteries of Mount Everest.

History - Our area of study for history will be the Ancient Greeks: their chronological place in history, city states, and the comparison between the lives of the Ancient Greeks and our own.

Computing - data bases, modelling and concept maps

Music - We will be using classroom percussion to compose and perform our own accompaniment to a pop song.

MFL - We will be studying French and will be covering the subjects of animals, numbers to 100, and France in the world.