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Class 4 Rolling Programme 2020

Mrs Eadie (Monday to Thursday AM) and Mrs Simpson (Monday to Thursday PM and all day Friday).  Ms Clark and Mrs Manning (support staff).



Christmas video

Happy Christmas from Class 4


This term our main topic is the Victorians. 

The children's writing will use "Broken Lives" the story of a Victorian mining disaster following the fate of the Elliott family  as inspiration for their story writing.  They will also write a newspaper report about a fictional mining disaster and write factual reports on the Industrial Revolution.


The daily maths teaching will include arithmetic and reasoning following the White Rose Maths scheme of work.  Spelling and grammar teaching will follow the Babcock teaching sequences following the "No Nonsense Grammar and Spelling programmes".

Latest School Newsletter

In Science, this term the class are learning about forces and will be carrying out science investigations focusing on the measuring aspect of SC1 investigation skills.   The school pet tortoise, Newton, is our responsibility and links nicely with our science learning.

Our art work this term is studying the artist Banksy.  We are also looking at William Morris to link with our Victorian topic.  The children will also be studying painting and drawing through landscape art.



This term in PE Class 4 will be playing tag rugby and learning gymnastics and dance at the Village Hall.


The RE focus last term was following the new Devon SACRE Agreed Syllabus with question on, “Do Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah?”.

This term, the class geography focus is "Who are National Parks for?"  The children will be also studying Ordnance survey maps and symbols.

This term, the children will make a piece of Christmas clay work to take home in DT the focus is on food with the children designing and making a healthy snackbar.  

In Computing we will be following the new online curriculum units in "Purple Mash".  This term the children will be learning about Online safety and Coding.


Miss Wooddisse will be teaching the children to play the violins in music.  Watch out on our social media Instagram and Facebook pages for a video.