Spring Term

In Class 4....

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Mrs Eadie (Monday to Thursday AM) and Mr McKernan-Lewis (Monday to Thursday PM and all day Friday).  Ms Clark and Mrs Manning (support staff).





Last term our topic focus was Invaders and we focused on the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. This linked seamlessly with our history topic of “Struggling for Dominance” and we linked our writing to this topic. The children wrote non-fiction reports, learning the story of Beowulf and also wrote their own Viking adventure based on our story book “Riddle of the Runes” by Janina Ramirez (a historian who writes children’s fiction). The class especially enjoyed Steve Manning (storyteller) retelling the story of Beowulf during his recent visit.


This term our focus is: The English Civil War and Democracy. . The children's writing will use Private Peaceful as inspiration for their diary writing and narrative focused on the Battle of Torrington (linked with our local history project).  The daily maths teaching will include arithmetic and reasoning.  There will also be the annual Year Six SATs after school booster club, with the tradition of pupils being on a "cake rota".

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In Science, last term the class learnt about Animals and how they adapted to their environments. They developed their science investigative skills through an investigation on mould. The school pet tortoise, Newton, is our responsibility and links nicely with our science learning.

In Science, this term, the class are learning about Evolution and Inheritance. Our Science investigation skills will focus on data handling: recording and interpreting results.


Our art work last term was studying the Iranian Batike textile artist Pegah Jahangiri. The pupils made a Viking bag to contain a clay amulet and a fabric piece of artwork with their name written in Viking runes in the style of Jahangiri’s work using wax resist.  The children then used this artwork as a stimulus to plan and write their own Viking adventure.

In art this term, the children will develop their portrait skills looking at the artist Mogdaliani.



Last term in PE Class 4 developed their rugby skills with John Hudson and also visited Air Extreme to learn trampolining.  As this was the second year the children's trampolining skills really developed. 

This term in PE Class 4 are going to Tarka Tennis and Falcon's gymnastics for specialist off-site teaching once a week.


The RE focus last term was following the new Devon SACRE Agreed Syllabus with question on, “Why do Hindus want to be good?”.

In RE this term the children will be learning about, "What does it mean if God is holy and loving" and a Christian Gospel unit of,  "What would Jesus do?"

Last term, the class geography focus was Rivers, with the children studying Ordnance survey maps and understanding river features, which they were able to observe, first hand, on our trip to Heddon’s Mouth on Exmoor.

This term in Geography the class are learning about "How is climate change affecting the weather?" Very topical with the current Australian bushfires.


Last term, the children made a piece of Christmas clay work to take home and in DT the focus was on food with the children designing and making Christmas mincemeat. 

This term, the children's DT focus will be on Food (bread).


Miss Wooddisse last term gave the children music lessons where the children learnt to play the Djembe drums, in addition to their singing for the Christmas carol service in December.

This term, in Music Miss Wooddisse will be teaching the children to play ukuleles to contribute to a Learning Community Partnership schools' wide Music Festival.

At the start of last term the class visited Great Potheridge House in Merton for their 3 day residential.  The class really enjoyed gorge scrambling, walking on Dartmoor, crate stacking and canoeing/raft building.  We have linked our ICT work to put up pictures and “blog” using the class Padlet page on line.

This term the current Year 4 and Year 5 children will be preparing for their annual residential. This year the timing has been changed to coincide with our weekly "Move up" week and will be during the last week in June.  The group will be travelling to Bath.

PHSE is covered in our daily “mirror” reflective time at the end of the school day. 


Last term the children discussed keeping safe, with a particular focus on staying safe online, relationships and about “special” people in the community who can help them. 

This term the focus will be on: the responsible use of mobile phones; recognising and challenging stereotypes and recognising the difference between, and the terms associated with, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.