Spring Term

In Class 3....World Book Day

Class 3 – years 3 & 4

Teachers: Ms Munro Mrs Hopkins

TAs: Mrs Manning  Miss Clark


Latest School Newsletter

Last term our topic focus was the countryside, rivers & farming. We had a class trip to Heddons Mouth to follow the river down to the sea. We did some sketching on the way to record the river's journey and the features we observed.

Last term our geography topic was Sustainabilty including personal sustainability as well as caring for the world.

This term we are learning about the human & physical geography of Florida.


Our science theme last term was Light and we  investigated making different shadows and how light travels. We also learnt how to make circuits for light ,motors and buzzers. This term we are learning about States of Matter and how materials change. We have completed an enquiry activity to explore expansion and absorption using Slippery Stones & Fake Snow.

In Computing we will learn to be opinion pollsters by collecting and analysing data and how to be a co author by producing a wiki.

Art is taught by Mrs Hopkins. Last term the children have looked at the work of Hokusai and produced wave pictures using different media. They  also made Christmas clay tealight holders to take home. This term we are studying the work of the artist L.S.Lowry and exploring the media of printing. We have visited the Burton Art Gallery to see a printing exhibition and take part in a printing workshop.

For DT the children produced a Christmas  wall hanging using the wax resist technique on calico.This term we are making a moving book which will include levers and linkages.

Last term in PE, we have learnt some Bhangra dance steps,tag rugby skills through the expertise of John Hudson and visited Air Extreme for trampolining sessions. This term we are visiting Tarka Tennis for tennis and Falcons gymnastics. Children will also have Forest School sessions throughout the term.

In history, we  learnt about the photographer James Ravillious and the children looked at the similarities and differences between clothing, houses & farming in his photographs. They wrote stories about the pictures and listened to Steve Manning tell his own stories about the characters in the photos.

This term we are studying the Civil War which will include the Battle of Torrington and Cromwell's New Model Army.

Last term in music, the class learnt drumming patterns to make into a short composition. They worked in groups and will perform their pieces to the rest of the class. This term Miss Wooddisse has taught the class how to play a ukelele.

PHSE is covered in our daily “mirror” reflective time at the end of the school day,   we discuss how to communicate our feelings appropriately. Also we think about how we learn and how to be independent in our learning. We have a star of the day award which has a different learning for behaviour focus each week.


RE is Taught by Mrs Hopkins and last term studied:

What Christians learn from the creation story ?                    How do festivals and family life show what matters to Jewish people ?

This term our topic titles are:      What is it like to follow God ?      How do festivals and worship show what matters to a Muslim ?