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Class 3 – years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Wallace

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Support staff:: Mrs Manning  Miss Clark  Mrs Stoner

Class 3 parent/carer Information Autumn 2021:

Class 3 parent carer information Autumn 2021

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The theme this term is sustainability.

The class will be taught maths using the White Rose Maths planning.  Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation will be taught using Babcock's "No Nonsense Grammar and Spelling" curriculum.

In Science, this term the class are learning about light and electricity.

Our art work this term is studying  the work of Hokusai with the topic of water

Geography - How can we live more sustainably? Field trip to local proposed solar farm at Horwood.

History - Our area of study for history will be World War 2.

Computing - following our Purple Mash curriculum units.

Music - pupils will learn about "Sound Ropes"..

MFL - We will be studying French following the "Right Start" curriculum programme.

PE - following our Get Set 4 PE Curriculum.

RE - Our areas of study will be "Creation" and "What is it like for someone to follow God?"

DT  - the children's learning will be focused on making an item with simple electrical circuits and switches.

PHSEE  - Our PHSEE learning will follow our rolling programme using "We Eat Elephants" programme of study to complement our learning.


Class 3 Two Year Rolling Programme

Class 3 two year rolling programme 2021