Spring Term

In Class 2....

Class 2 (Years 1 and 2) information

Teacher: Miss Wooddisse; Mrs Hopkins (Wednesday afternoons).

TAs: Miss Gotze (am) and Mrs McFarlane (pm)

Last term, our topic focus was Pirates and the Seaside. The children wrote a pirate-themed story and instructions on how to be a pirate.

This term, the topic is Battles.  The writing focus will be Greek myths.  Our daily maths lessons will teach the children both arithmetic and reasoning skills, following the requirements of the National Curriculum.







Latest School Newsletter

In Science we have an ongoing theme of ‘Seasonal Change’, which is addressed through the work the children do at Forest School with Mrs Blunt and Miss Clark.

Last term we are learnt how to plan an investigation to find the answers to scientific questions, such as: which material would make the softest landing for Humpty Dumpty as he falls of the wall?

This term we are focusing on uses of materials.  The children will be developing their science investigation skills of recording data and seeing what the data means.

In PE, last term Class 2 created their own pirate dance, as well as learning tag rugby skills through the expertise of John Hudson.

In PE this term the children will be doing Gymnastics and Invasion Games.


For DT last term, the children learn how to  plan, develop and produce a house for a pirate, experimenting with ways of joining using hinges.

In DT this term, we have made a textile bag for Medusa's head (linking with our Greek myth writing).


In music last term, the class worked in groups to produce a ‘musical journey’, using classroom percussion instruments to represent everyday sounds and experiences. They worked in groups and performed their pieces to the rest of the class.

In music this term, the children will be singing and making "sound shapes".

Art and RE are taught by Mrs Hopkins.

In Art, last term, the children looked at the work of William Morris and are working on different ways of printing. They made a piece of Christmas clay work to take home.

In Art this term, the children will be looking at the artist "Matisse" and making motifs and a collage of Icarus.


The RE focus last term was the Creation Story and "what it means to belong to a faith".

In RE this term the class will be learning about, "What do Christians believe God is like?" and "Who is Jewish and how do they live?"


PHSE is covered in our daily “mirror” reflective time at the end of the school day.

Last term we used the Big Ideas videos from our Class Dojo reward system to think about how to communicate our feelings and understand that we can hurt the feelings of others with our words and actions.

This term we are looking at the difference between secrets and nice surprises (that everyone will find out eventually) and the importance of not keeping secrets that make us feel uncomfortable, anxious or afraid.  We will also learn how to recognise what is fair, unfair, kind, unkind and right and wrong.  We will talk about special people and in which ways we are "unique".

For ICT, last term, the children learnt how to program a Beebot, giving it instructions to travel around a treasure map.

For ICT, this term, the children will learn about "we are storytellers" and "we are detectives".

In history, last term, we learnt about the seaside in Victorian times and the children looked at the similarities and differences between clothing, activities and food in the Victorian Times and now.

In history this term, we are doing a local history study of the local Battle of Torrington (1646).


Our geography, last term, focused on recognising the difference between the coast, countryside and town. Children sorted pictures and talking about the geographical features that make each of these environments unique.

This term in geography, the focus is on "how does the weather affect our lives?"